Do Real Bears Have a Teddy?

Out theme this half term is to learn all about bears. We are answering a different question each week about bears and will be finding out facts through books and the internet to support our learning.

Find out what we think about bears and leave us a comment to support our learning…


Listen to your…ART!

Our theme this half term is all about art. We are learning new skills and finding out about media, sculpture, drama, dance and music.

What is your favourite: music, dance, art or drama?

Tell us which you like the best and why.

The Mad Scientist!



I am the Mad Scientist and here are some facts you need to know about me:

1.I love SCIENCE!

2.I love experiments

3.I love finding out new things

4.I sometimes get in a bit of a muddle…

5.I got stuck in your blog when one of my experiments went wrong.

Help to free me by blogging about the science experiments and investigations that you are taking part in. Hurry!

Julia Donaldson Blogging

This half term we have been reading different Julia Donaldson stories.

Today we are going to  watch the story of ‘Room on the Broom’. We will then chat about the story, the characters, how they felt, what happened in the story and where the setting took place. We will blog our thoughts afterwards.

Please leave us a reply 🙂

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

download (3)

We have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr.

We asked the children:

“What do you think a tiger would eat if it came to our school?”

Grace – The school dinner.

George – Our shoes.

Codie – Buns.

Eva – It would eat everything!

Neve – All the pears.

Rebecca – Carrots.

Eli – Pineapple.

We talked about our school chickens and whether the tiger might eat them.

The children thought they would be safe because they are in their coop. Isaac – The tiger could scratch to get in the coop.

Finlay had a brilliant idea – We need to make a lock for school to keep the tiger out!

Bear Porridge Party

We are having a porridge party with our teddies from home as part of our learning about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have donated to the charity JOEL and also school funds to take part in this fun day.

We have listened to bear songs, danced a bear dance, listened to bear stories and are about to have some delicious porridge.

We asked – If your bear was a wishing bear what would you wish for?

Wrap Around work.

Chloe has been developing her fine motor skills through this fantastic cutting activity. Activities such as this are important for building the muscle strength and dexterity in children’s fingers that they need for writing. Great job Chloe!

Super Big Numbers!

This little girl worked really hard naming numbers 0-100. She then matched some of them and had a go at writing some of the numbers too. What a fantastic effort!